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Master in Management (Grande Ecole)

Lead with purpose

The Master in Management at Audencia Business School is one of France’s elite Grande École programmes, recognised worldwide for quality. As a student, you benefit from our reputation, network and forward-thinking training. You’ll develop multiple areas of expertise and be strong in the fundamentals of international management. You’ll have diverse and immersive work experiences.

  • Choose between a wide range of specialisations in English or French
  • Gain 4 to 18 months of in-company experience – you decide the duration
  • Learn from top-performing faculty with expertise in accounting, marketing, finance, statistics, logistics, project management, languages and more
  • Enjoy comprehensive career services from a team of professionals with backgrounds in the international corporate world

Apply now

Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Due to the limited number of places available in this competitive programme, we advise applying as soon as possible.

Key information

Degree earned: Master in Management
Language: English or French – your choice
Duration: 2 to 3 years, full-time
Programme start: September
Tuition: €29,750


Build your programme to fit your goals

Gain extensive workplace experience and advanced training in multiple areas of specialisation while also building a solid foundation in general management principles. The Master in Management at Audencia lets you fit your programme to your goals. Join us at one of the top-ranked, triple-accredited, most corporately connected business schools in Europe – and one of the best places to live in France.

Period 1 (September to December)

You’ll gain a solid understanding of the foundational principles of international management and develop relevant skills in problem solving and innovation with core courses, as well as begin defining the shape of your programme with electives.

Our graduates are well-rounded professionals. In the first year of your studies, you’ll gain comprehensive training in the fundamentals of international management – accounting, marketing, finance, statistics, logistics and project management. You’ll also take advanced French as a foreign language and a sport course. All courses listed are available in English or French.

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Analysis
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Simulation
  • Business Project
  • French as a Foreign Language
  • Sport

Choose one elective track. Then, you’ll select any two classes within that track. Those available in English are marked with “(EN)” and  those available in French are marked with “(FR)”.

International Management

  • Accounting, Audit and Control (EN)
  • Digital Marketing (EN)
  • Organisational Change Management (EN)


  • Managing Organisational Change (FR)
  • Negotiation Skills (FR)
  • Digital Marketing (FR)


  • International Finance (EN)
  • Basics of VBA Excel (FR)
  • Quantitative Finance (FR)
  • Accounting and Auditing (FR)
  • CFA Ethics (FR)

You can choose to focus on the professional world, taking a break from courses to intern. Your optional In-Company Gap Year would begin in January (term 2) and can last up to 9 to 12 months. You will then pick up your courses where you left off.

Internships in France are paid; this will vary from country to country, depending on local laws. This optional internship allows you to:

  • Better understand career paths and organisational structures
  • Acquire professional knowledge, experience and skills in a specific sector
  • Establish a plan for your career trajectory
  • Make an informed choice about the upcoming programme specialisation tracks

Internships may be carried out in any type of business or organisation, as long as the tasks undertaken are in areas related to management. Companies students have worked with during this period include:

  • BNP Paribas
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Crédit Agricole
  • Danone
  • L’Oréal
  • Lufthansa Consulting
  • Nokia
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Ubisoft
  • World Bank Group

You’ll have the support of both academic mentors at Audencia and corporate mentors within the company. Your mentors will support you throughout the programme and assist you with your internship report.

You’ll turn in a report on your internship experience following the in-company year. Once approved, you’ll earn 20 academic credits for your work.

Periods 2 and 3 (January to May and September to December)

During this period, you’ll select courses to prepare you as a specialist in your area(s) of interest. Each specialisation is taught over the course of one term by Audencia faculty members. Courses are grouped into the following specialisation areas; those available in English are marked with “(EN)” and  those available in French are marked with “(FR)”. You will select one specialisation in year 1 and a different one in year 2.

  • Corporate Finance (EN or FR; year 1 or 2)
  • Financial Markets (EN; year 1 only)
  • Risk Management & Compliance (EN; year 1 only)
  • Financial Analysis & Investment Management (EN; year 1 only)
  • Financial Strategy (EN; year 2 only)
  • Management Control and Auditing (FR; year 1 or 2)
  • Marketing for Product Managers (EN; year 1 or 2)
  • Cognac & Spirits Management (EN; year 1 only)
  • Business Development (FR; year 1 or 2)
  • Communication & Media (FR; year 1 only)
  • Marketing in the Digital Age (FR; year 1 or 2)
  • Consulting (EN; year 1 or 2)
  • Managing for Sustainable Impact (EN; year 1 only)
  • Supply Chain and Purchasing Management (EN; year 1 only)
  • Management of Digital Business and IT (EN; year 2 only)
  • International Development for SMEs (EN; year 2 only)
  • Entrepreneurship (FR; year 1 or 2)
  • Human Resource Management (FR; year 1 only)
  • Arts Management (FR; year 1 only)
  • International Management of Public Policies (FR; year 1 only)
  • Creation & Management of Audio-visual Production (FR; year 2 only)

Period 4 (January to May or July)

During this mandatory internship, you’ll apply your new expertise within your areas of specialisation. This internship serves as a springboard for entry into professional life. It allows you to build connections with our network of corporate partners in France and abroad, as well as strengthen your international portfolio and employability.

You’ll secure your internship with a company of your choice (with the assistance of our internal job board). The internship is guided by a faculty member so that you’ll gain a hands-on practical understanding and an academic one – something that looks good on any résumé. Internships in France are paid; this will vary from country to country, depending on local laws.

Here are just a few examples of places graduates have interned:

  • Airbus
  • Bayer AG
  • Coca-Cola
  • Deloitte
  • Henkel
  • Nestlé
  • Société Générale
  • Volkswagen Group
  • Warner Bros.

You’ll turn in a report on your experience following the required four- to six-month internship. You’ll have the support of an academic mentor at Audencia throughout the writing and evaluation of your internship report.

Double Degree Abroad

Reach your goals – and see the world

Boston University, located in one of the US’s largest and most innovative cities and counted in the top 100 of World University Rankings, welcomes Audencia Master in Management students on a double degree basis. 

Audencia students can undertake any one of the following Master of Science programmes at Boston University

  • MS in Applied Business Analytics
  • MS in Financial Management
  • MS in Global Marketing Management
  • MS in Administrative Studies concentration in Innovation & Technology
  • MS in Project Management
  • MS in Supply Chain Management
  • MS in Enterprise Risk Management

After completing your first year at Audencia, gain some work experience and explore the world in your second year! By choosing for this double degree path, you will start your second year with an internship anywhere in the world (term 3) and then head off to Boston University in January (term 4) until August for a Master of Science programme. 

Finally, you may opt to gain some additional work experience in the US through the Optional Practical Training (OPT) scheme. Learn more


Total tuition fee for the Master in Management programme with this double degree option is €55,000. 

Lancaster University is consistently ranked among the top ten universities in the UK. It was awarded 7th for teaching excellence in Europe in the Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Rankings 2019. As an Audencia Master in Management student, you may join the Lancaster University campus on a degree-seeking basis. The campus occupies a beautiful 560-acre parkland site at Bailrigg, just three miles from Lancaster city centre.


Total tuition fee for the Master in Management programme with this double degree option is €45,000.


You’ll select courses to prepare you as a specialist in your area(s) of interest. Each specialisation is taught over the course of one term by Audencia faculty members. You will select one specialisation in year 1 and a different one in year 2.

(In English or French; year 1 or 2)

Particular emphasis is placed on the following fields: fundamentals of accounting, financial analysis of investment decisions and corporate finance, financial markets, financial institutions and economic conditions, asset management and valuation, risk management.    

Career prospects: Financial Analyst, Financial Director, Treasurer, Credit Analyst, Corporate Affairs Manager, Asset Manager, Investment Banker, Investment Banking Manager, Auditor, Consultant.

(In English; year 1 only)

Students will have a strong technical knowledge and professional skills for the prospects of a career in asset management, among others: financial analysis, financial markets, company valuation, portfolio management, risk management, assets valuation, derivatives, macroeconomics.

Career prospects: Financial analyst, Private equity, Credit analyst, Business development manager, Sales, Front office, Back office, Risk Management, Wealth manager, Corporate & investment banking

(In English; year 2 only)

This specialisation prepares you for roles in corporate finance, equity management and equity finance structuring. Particular emphasis is placed on mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis of investment decisions and corporate finance. 

Career prospects: M&A firms, financial structuring, financial analysis, investment banking, consulting. 

(In English; year 1 only) 

Description here soon. 

(In French; year 1 or 2)

Pour construire un socle de connaissances solides et adaptables à différentes réalités professionnelles, la majeure s’appuie sur le triptyque suivant :

  • Des connaissances techniques principalement dans les domaines suivants : comptabilité internationale, normes d’audit, consolidation, contrôle de gestion approfondi, évaluation des entreprises.
  • Des connaissances pratiques en matière de système de pilotage de la performance, schémas de gouvernance des entreprises, systèmes d’information et analyse organisationnelle.
  • Des connaissances sectorielles : secteur privé, industriel, services, BTP, contrôle de gestion des projets.

Débouchés professionnels: Le contrôle interne, le contrôle de gestion, le conseil et l'audit, le contrôle financier ou l'intégration au sein d'une direction financière.

Note: The following are incompatibilities between specialisations due to close similarity in content or a clash in schedule: 

  • Corporate Finance / Financial Markets / Financial Strategy
  • Corporate Finance / Financial Markets / Risk Management & Compliance
  • Marketing for Product Managers / Marketing in the Digital Age
  • Management of Digital Business and IT / Consulting

(In English; year 1 or 2)

The Marketing for Product Managers Major aims to train future marketing managers with strong professional skills, focusing on practice and expertise in complex environments. The Major also aims to develop a critical approach towards marketing, as future managers will be actors of key ethical, environmental and social changes.

Three key learning approaches enable achieving these goals. First, students are immersed in a real life marketing project throughout the semester, that covers the complete marketing process of launching an innovation. Second, they have the opportunity to analyze and discuss key ethical, social and environmental issues related to marketing. Third, the training leads them to develop relationship and cooperation skills in an international environment.

Career prospects: product & brand management, communications, sales and negotiation, marketing research for international or small companies, as well as consulting and communication agencies.

Sectors: FMCG, luxury goods & cosmetics, retail, industry, services, energy.

(In English; year 1 only)

Particular emphasis will be placed on Import/Export in Distilled Spirits Management, French Spirits Branding in International Markets and Luxury Marketing.

Career prospects: Export manager, Trade marketing manager, Business developer, Product marketing manager, Marketing and communication manager, Trade manager. 

(In French; year 1 or 2)

La majeure Business Development permet aux étudiants d'appréhender les enjeux et modes opératoires pour construire et manager une "réponse client" globale efficace. Comment gérer la relation client ? Quel parcours client proposer ? Comment vendre et négocier ? Comment manager une force de vente ? Comment intégrer les nouveaux canaux de vente liés à l'internet et au mobile avec les réseaux de vente et de distribution classiques ? Autant de questions clefs pour la survie et le développement des entreprises.

Débouchés professionnels : Ingénieur d'affaires, responsable commercial

(In French; year 1 only)

This specialisation deals with epistemology of information and communication sciences, strategix communication, critical marketing, managerial approach of organization. Students choose an option : brand communication or corporate institutionnal communication
Career prospects: public or press relation manager, strategic partnership lobbying, journalism, broadcasting and promotion, communication in media agencies.

(In French; year 1 or 2)

La majeure Marketing à l’ère digitale forme de futurs professionnels disposant de compétences élargies pour imaginer, déployer et piloter des stratégies marketing efficaces à l’ère digitale.

L’enseignement au sein de cette majeure est structuré par une double préoccupation, transversale à l’ensemble des cours dispensés : d’une part, une sensibilisation à la technologie et à son fonctionnement, d’autre part, une prise en compte permanente des problématiques liées à la data, à l’optimisation et la mesure des résultats des actions entreprises.

Débouchés professionnels : web manager, community manager

(In English; year 1 or 2)

The consulting major equips students with the tools necessary for a career in management consulting. Just like any contemporary business, our students and lectures come from diverse national backgrounds and different business sectors. Additionally, all learning activities are conducted in English. lt requires a high calibre of skills-both technical and interpersonal.

Career prospects: junior consultant, business analyst, business development manager, internal consultant and project manager.

(In English, year 1 only)

This specialisation develops competencies in rethinking business in society, developing cross sector solutions, CSR strategy and performance, CSR audit and certification, social economy financing, governance in the social economy
 Career prospects: CSR analyst or auditor, sustainability manager, social entrepreneur, responsible investment manager

(In English; year 1 only)

This specialisation comprises 7 modules that develop a clear perspective on how supply chain management and purchasing can lead to superior performance
Career prospects: supply chain manager, operations manager, purchasing manager, logistics manager

(In English; year 2 only)

In line with leading Information Systems/Technology Management programs, this course combines business, technology and management theory and practice. It provides participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge for a range of IT-related careers. These includes, konwledge management, global IT outsourcing, strategic IS planning and evaluation, IS project management and data science.

Career prospects: management/information systems consulting, IT project management, chief information officers, data and analytics specialists, and many others.

(In English; year 2 only)

Students will develop the skills needed by business developers to take a company’s business international with the ambition to develop and implement growth opportunities successfully. The approach is predominantly practical with the objective of training future managers of small and medium-sized companies. Students will learn the business developers’ tools to address the business development tasks, such as market research and market entry strategies, logistics and supply management, and business planning among others.

Career prospects: Entrepreneurs, Business developers, prospective managers.

(In French; year 1 or 2)

Cette spécialisation a pour objectif d’accompagner les étudiant-es dans leur projet entrepreneurial pris au sens large qu’il s’agisse de créer une entreprise ex-nihilo, "d’intraprendre", d’accompagner des créateurs d’entreprise , de reprendre une entreprise, ou bien d’intégrer une équipe au sein d’une entreprise en phase de création- développement.

A l’issue de leur semestre de spécialisation, les étudiant-es peuvent décider de continuer à travailler sur leur projet de création d’entreprise au sein de l’incubateur Centrale-Audencia-ensa.

(In French; year 1 only)

L’objectif de cette spécialisation est de préparer les étudiants à l’exercice de responsabilités dans les métiers de la fonction Ressources Humaines , que ce soit au sein d’une entreprise ou d’un cabinet de conseil en RH et en organisation, à la fois en France et à l’international.

La Majeure MCRH sensibilise les étudiants à la dimension stratégique prise par la fonction RH ces dernières années.

Débouchés professionnels :
Le conseil : en organisation, en recrutement, en formation, étude RH en redéploiement d'effectifs
L'entreprise : DR, RRH, responsable rémunérations et avantages sociaux, responsable relations sociales, responsable développement RH, responsable mobilité internationale, responsable SIRH, etc.

(In French; year 1 only)

Cette spécialisation a pour objectif de préparer des étudiants polyvalents, autonomes et ayant une bonne ouverture d’esprit, à occuper des fonctions de management et de gestion dans le secteur culturel : musées, théâtres, festivals et spectacle vivant mais aussi industries culturelles telles que l’édition, le disque ou le cinéma.

Des séminaires en partenariat avec des institutions européennes de tout premier plan : "Management orienté institutions publiques et politiques culturelles" avec l’Université de Deusto et le musée Guggenheim de Bilbao ; "Management orienté marché de l’art et industries culturelles" avec le Sotheby’s Institute, à Londres.

Les études se font en collaboration avec le Musée du Louvre et les élèves font un séjour de deux semaines à l’Ecole du Louvre à Paris.

Découvrez le blog culture

(In French; year 1 only)

Nos étudiants acquerront une solide connaissance des concepts de politique publique, des méthodes de management ainsi que des outils de gestion et d’évaluation de l’action publique aux niveaux national, local et international. L’accent est particulièrement porté sur les champs d’expertise suivants : techniques et outils de contrôle de gestion et d’audit, management de projet, modes de financement, analyse financière, gestion des risques, politiques publiques.

Débouchés professionnels : Les étudiants se destinent à une carrière au sein d’administrations publiques nationales ou internationales, ou encore dans des organisations non gouvernementales mais également dans le secteur privé (cabinets de conseil, cabinets d’études et d’ingénierie, institutions de financement spécialisées, project finance).

(In FR; year 2 only)

Cette majeure ouvre aux métiers du secteur de la production et de la distribution audiovisuelle et cinématographique. Le cursus s’articule autour de la réalisation d’une production audiovisuelle, les étudiants mobilisant l’ensemble des compétences acquises en écriture, story-board, création numérique, post-production audiovisuelle, tout en intégrant les aspects juridiques et financiers dans la conduite de leur projet. L’ensemble des cours est dispensé en partenariat avec le pôle d’expertise en production audiovisuelle Magelis d’Angoulême.

Débouchés professionnels : chargé de production / post-production, chargé de diffusion et de distribution, régisseur / responsable d’exploitation, chargé de projet, chargé de publication, chargé de production digitale.

employed before or within two months of graduation
found employment through their internship

Career & alumni

Proven career outcomes for management success

With the ever-increasing globalisation of the world’s economies, corporations need highly trained leaders who can tackle complex and challenging issues in innovative and socially responsible ways.

Audencia works hand-in-hand with the corporate world and is a leader in advanced management practices. As a result, 95% employed before or within two months of graduation– with a truly international education gained in one of the best places to live in France.

Note: Statistics are based on the number of replies to the question. They relate to all classes to date unless otherwise stipulated.

Discover our Corporate Partners

Our Career Services team – with international corporate backgrounds – will help get you there with support, planning and training from the very beginning. And our close ties with the business world benefit you in the classroom and in your future career.

  • Individual career coaching and advising
  • 15,000+ employment opportunities posted each year on our dedicated intranet
  • Employment fairs with 120+ companies
  • CV workshops
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Panel discussions with professionals and alumni
  • Assessment centre preparation
  • Personal development programme on topics including leadership skills, communication skills, ethics, intercultural management and networking
  • Auditing sector fair
  • Information resources and online tools
  • Access to 100+ career events on various topics

Audencia also has a business incubator that supports select graduates in their entrepreneurial work.

This programme prepares graduates for a range of sectors. Graduates are employed as follows:

  • Agribusiness
  • Auditing
  • Communications
  • Consulting
  • Distribution (vehicle and mobility, public building and works, energy, mechanics, textile)
  • Industries
  • Insurance and banking
  • IT
  • Public and parapublic (administration, culture, humanitarian aid, health)
  • Services (real estate, training, tourism, transport)

Graduates of this programme are employed in the following functions:

  • Auditing
  • Banking and finance
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Sales

A wide range of companies – including French, international and multinational – employ graduates of this programme. Companies employing your peers include:

  • Accenture
  • Bank of America
  • Carrefour
  • Google
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Microsoft
  • Nike
  • PepsiCo
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  • Procter & Gamble
  • PSA Peugot-Citroen
  • Sotheby’s
work in France

Admissions & finance

Apply now
(Note that students with a degree from a French institution should visit the Grande École French site for admissions procedure).

Admissions are open until 15 June at the latest, and may close earlier if the class is full.

We strongly recommend applying as early as possible due to the limited number of seats available.

Join us in Nantes to internationalise your future career! Here is a breakdown of everything you’ll need to make it smoothly through the application process.

To apply, you must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an institution outside of France (with a minimum of three years of study occurring outside of France)

If you hold a degree from a French institution, please see our Grande École page for further information

  • Proficiency in English (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, DUOLINGO)*
  • Proficiency in French (required only if chosen language of instruction is French)

Note: You can apply during the final year of your bachelor’s studies.


*English test scores are not required for native speakers or applicants who have completed their undergraduate degrees in English.

Contact us if you have a different English test score or are planning to take a test later in the year.

To apply, you have two options (choose only one):

  1. Apply directly through Audencia and complete your online application at For more information, see Documents and Procedure below. 


  2. Apply through JOIN A SCHOOL IN FRANCE to five French business schools. You decide your final choice if admitted to more than one school. Visit the Join a School in France website for more information.

In addition to the online application, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • CV and letter of motivation in English
  • Copies of diplomas and academic transcripts
  • English test score* (TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS, DUOLINGO)
  • Copy of identity document (e.g. passport)

*English test scores are not required for native speakers or applicants who have completed their undergraduate degrees in English. Contact us if you have a different English test or are planning to take a test later in the year.

Note that this page describes the documents needed to apply directly to Audencia. If you choose to apply through Join a School in France, please see the Join a School in France website.

  1. Submitting your application
    Complete the online application. Upon completion, you’ll pay the €100 application fee using any major credit card. If you cannot use a credit card, you may contact us for alternatives.

    Your application will be evaluated within seven days. If you qualify, step two will also occur within seven days of your application.

  2. Admission interview
    At a prearranged time, you will have a 15 - 20-minute exchange with an admissions counsellor to assess your level of English and make sure that you are a good fit for the programme.

  3. Admission decision
    Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. You should have an admissions decision within 10 days of your interview. Please do expect some delay during holidays.

  4. Acceptance
    Congratulations! If admitted, you’re invited to officially join the programme. You’ll sign a contract and pay the first instalment of the tuition fees- €1,500- which is non-refundable.

    We’re happy to help you! Please contact us with any further questions: 

Note that this page describes the process to apply directly to Audencia. If you choose to apply through Join a School in France, please see the Join a School in France website website.

Master in Management (Grande Ecole)€29,750
Master in Management (Grande Ecole) with double degree abroad €55,000 (Boston) / €45,000 (Lancaster)

Note that an additional fee of €1,400 applies for students choosing the optional in-company year. 

Other costs linked to school fees

  • Application fee: €100. 
  • Costs such as visa fees, CVEC, complementary health insurance, transportation, accommodation and meals are to be paid directly by the student. Visit Student Life to learn more.


If you hold a degree from a French institution, please see our Grande École page in French for further information. 

As an international applicant, you may be eligible for Audencia's Diversity Scholarship:

40% tuition fee waiver for applicants from nationalities representing less than 4% of the programme's student body from the previous year

30% tuition fee waiver for international applicants from other nationalities

Note that this scholarship does not apply if you opt for a Double Degree with Boston University or Lancester University

Please contact us for more information.

In addition to an Audencia scholarship, you may be eligible for funding by other public or private bodies. You will find some examples here