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MSc International Master in Management


Join some of the brightest innovators from around the world at Audencia Business School. In our International Master in Management (IMM) programme, you’ll take courses led by global experts within a highly international campus and curriculum. Prepare for career success:

  • Learn to do business across cultures.
  • Tailor your programme to your interests and goals by choosing from one of six specialisations on offer.
  • Prove your skill with a practical master’s dissertation on a specific business and management area.
  • Connect with our large network of corporate partners through events, internship opportunities or a collective consulting mission.
  • Our IMM programme receives applications for our campuses in Nantes, France and Shenzhen, China. You have the option of starting your programme in one of these two locations.

The IMM programme is accredited by the French accrediting body "Conférence des grandes écoles".

Apply now

Applications are open until the class is full and are processed on a rolling basis. Due to the limited number of places available in this competitive programme, we advise applying as soon as possible. 

Key information

  • Degree earned: MSc in International Management
  • Credits awarded for the MSc programme: 90 ECTS credits
  • Language: English
  • Programme start: September
  • MSc Duration: Classes from September to May followed by a 4 to 6 month company mission
  • Pre-MSc Gateway Duration: 2 semesters


  • MSc: €18,000 
  • Pre-MSc + MSc: €23,000


  • MSc: 4-year bachelor’s degree in any field,
    or exceptionally a 3-year degree with experience or honours,
    or successful completion and validation of the 60 ECTS Pre-MSc programme
  • Pre-MSc + MSc: 3-year degree in any field
  • Proficiency in English


Prepare for your career in any sector of international management at one of the top ranked, triple accredited and most corporately connected business schools in Europe – and in one of the best places to live in France. Complete your core courses, and then determine the focus and format of your education to fit your career goals.

If you have a 4-year bachelor’s degree, you can skip this stage and dive into your core MSc programme.

If you have a 3-year bachelor’s degree, you will have to validate the 60 ECTS Pre-MSc programme before entry into your chosen MSc programme. The Pre-MSc programme offers two tracks:

For those with a 3-year bachelor’s degree in a non-business field, the Pre-MSc is the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the foundational principles of management, improve your soft skills, learn how to work in multicultural teams and acquire knowledge on latest business innovations.

During this year, you will study 8 core business courses that will allow you to acquire a solid foundation for your future MSc programme. You will explore each subject in depth and test your knowledge through extensive business simulations.  

Core Courses will include:

  • Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics
  • Strategy
  • Management Control
  • Financial Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Management and Organisation

To help you improve your soft skills, you will follow courses in “Working in Multicultural Teams”, “Learning Skills and Methods” and the “Future of Work” (proposed by field experts and co-constructed with students).

In addition, you will get a glimpse of innovation in business today through your choice of several courses on our list of business electives.

To round your year off nicely, you will benefit from business English or French language courses.

For those with a 3-year bachelor’s degree in the field of business, the Pre-MSc will allow you to deepen your business knowledge, improve your soft skills, learn how to work in multicultural teams and acquire knowledge on latest business innovations.

You will be able to choose from a list of business and soft skills electives that will include:

  • Corporate Strategy Analysis
  • Going International with a Digital Strategy
  • International Trade Negotiation
  • EU Commercial Relations and Incentives
  • The Impact on Innovation on Global Strategy
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Management
  • Community Management
  • Doing Business in Europe
  • Doing Business in Asia
  • Global Leadership
  • High Performing Multicultural Teams
  • Business Communication for Leaders

To round your year off nicely, you will benefit from business English or French language courses.

Period 1 (September to December)

You’ll gain a solid understanding of the foundational principles of international management and develop relevant skills in problem solving and innovation. Core courses include:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Marketing
  • Managing Across Cultures
  • Managerial Coaching
  • Research Methods in Business

You have the option of completing these courses in China at Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS).

Period 2 (January to June) 

At this point in the programme, you’ll have built a solid foundation in business management. You’ll then select one of the following six specialisations:  

Specialisation in International Marketing

  • Marketing in the Digital Age
  • Services Marketing
  • Pricing and Brand Value
  • B2B Strategies in Sales and Marketing
  • International Retailing and Innovation
  • Data Processing in Marketing

Specialisation in International Finance and Managerial Accounting

  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Management Control
  • Financial Analysis
  • International Financial Markets
  • Advanced Reporting in the International Environment
  • Financial Modelling for Entrepreneurship

Specialisation in International Strategy & Management

  • Rethinking Business for Society
  • Agile Approaches in Contemporary Companies
  • International Business
  • Strategies in Emerging Markets
  • Entrepreneurial Business Plan
  • Business Simulation

Specialisation in Food and Agribusiness Management

  • Food Value Chain and Performance
  • International Food Marketing
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Food Sector
  • Administration & Financial Risk Management (Brazil)
  • Sustainable & Disruptive Innovation (Brazil)
  • Value Chain Management (Brazil)

Specialisation in Cognac & Spirits Management (starting Sept. 2021 intake)

  • Digital Management in Distilled Spirits
  • Cognac: From Tradition to Innovation
  • Import/Export in Distilled Spirits Management
  • French Spirits Branding in International Markets
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Global Leadership in International Spirits Management

CFA Specialisation*

  • Derivatives and Alternative Investments
  • Equities and Fixed Income
  • Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management
  • Advances Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Financial Ethics
  • Financial Economics

*Your choice of this specialisation is subject to validation by the programme director. 

In addition to the Marketing, Finance or Strategy specialisations, you will broaden your managerial knowledge even further by choosing four elective courses. Example of elective courses include:

  • Leadership
  • Business Communication 
  • International Negotiation 
  • Digital Transformation Strategy 
  • Change Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Project in Ethics and CSR 
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  • Psychology of Money 
  • Consulting
  • Operations and Supply Chain

Period 3 (July to December)

(Minimum 4 months, maximum 6 months)

During your final semester, you will undertake either an individual internship or a collective consulting mission for a company. 

You’ll secure your company mission anywhere in the world with the assistance of our career advisors. This mandatory professional mission will be guided by a faculty member, so you’ll gain both a hands-on practical understanding and an academic one – something that looks good on any resume.

Internships in France are paid; this will vary from country to country, depending on local laws.

Apply your knowledge and skills within your sector, and further strengthen your network and employability.

Concurrent with periods 2 & 3 (January to November)

Delve into your real-world international study of a business and management area that will influence the trajectory of your career. This dissertation is both academic and practical, allowing you to showcase what you have learned and how you plan to apply it. 

You’ll write this dissertation and can defend it either in person in Nantes or via Skype.

Concurrent with period 3 (Mid-May to Mid-July)

If during this optional period you’d like to further develop or refine your expertise, work closely with a new group of peer and partner contacts, or sharpen your language skills, an additional Summer Term programme is available in Nantes from May to July (tuition varies). Small group study, projects and company visits are just a small part of these programmes.

Possible options include:

  • Intercultural Management
  • Media and Communication
  • Marketing to Europe
  • Field trips and excursions
  • French language classes

You may also select a summer programme offered through our IMM partner universities (tuition varies).

Note: The credits obtained during the summer term cannot replace or be combined with your programme credits.

While your programme is 100% English-taught, you have the option of adding French to your steadily increasing list of qualifications – for work or for fun! 

You will have the opportunity to take optional French language courses that will be organised during the year (additional costs apply). 

You may also learn independently at any time using your exclusive online access to Assimil, a proven intuitive language learning method, provided at no additional costs.

Organisation of French language courses may vary from year to year.

Prepare French language certificates: Audencia’s French language classes do not prepare you for French language tests such as the DELF or DALF. However, our main campus is situated just across the road from the University of Nantes’ language department. You may choose to attend French as a Foreign Language (FLE) evening classes there. There are a wide range of levels available. Contact the University of Nantes directly to register. Register early to secure your place.

Nationalities represented in the class of 2018
found a job before graduation

Study abroad opportunities

Reach your goals – and see the world

Within this programme alone, our student body represents 25+ nationalities from top universities around the world, and our faculty represents 15+ nationalities – with loads of international industry experience. We provide you with a highly international experience, even if you opt to stay in Nantes throughout the programme.

If you’d like to really dig in deep to a particular region, choose to study abroad with one of our top international partners during your summer term. For more information on study abroad opportunities at Audencia, please contact us.

Note: The credits obtained during your study abroad period cannot replace Audencia programme credits.

Summer term in Boston University

Boston University, located in one of the US’s largest and most innovative cities and counted in the top 100 of World University Rankings, welcomes IMM students for their summer term.


Additional tuition fees apply: approximately €4,500 to €5,000 for a six-week session.

Summer term at the University of California, Berkeley

If you like, you can spend your summer in sunny California at the University of California, Berkeley – the no. 1 public university in the US (US News and World Report) and in the world (Shanghai Rankings).


Additional tuition fees apply: approximately €2,500 to €3,000 for a three-week session.

Summer term at LSE

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is one of the foremost social science universities in the world. Join the Summer School! 


Additional tuition fees apply: approximately €2,500 for a three-week session.

Summer term at ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon

University Institute of Lisbon ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon- accredited AACSB and AMBA- is a prestigious Portuguese university offering an exceptional variety of programmes, some of which are taught in English.


Additional tuition fees apply: approximately €1,000 for a three-week session.

Career & alumni

Proven career outcomes for international success

With the increasing globalisation of the world’s economies, corporations need highly trained leaders who can tackle complex and challenging issues – and in innovative and socially responsible ways that emphasise ethics alongside profitability. Gain insights and practical experience from leading global experts and corporations in the IMM.

Note: Statistics are based on the number of replies to the question. They relate to all classes to date unless otherwise stipulated. 

Discover our Corporate Partners

Industries IMM prepares you for:

  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Professional services
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical
  • IT
  • Textile
  • Mechanical
  • Agribusiness
  • Energy
  • Communication and creative industries
  • Consulting
  • Accounting
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Non-profit

Functions IMM qualifies you for:

  • General management
  • Import
  • Export sales
  • Marketing 
  • Logistics
  • Financial management
  • Consulting
  • Auditing

Audencia provides you with personalised career services that address your specific experiences, strengths and weaknesses, and goals. We also cultivate close ties with the business world, which benefit you in the classroom and in your future career.

  • Individual career coaching and advising
  • 15,000+ employment opportunities posted each year on our dedicated intranet
  • Employment fairs with 120+ companies
  • CV workshops
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Panel discussions with professionals and alumni
  • Assessment centre preparation
  • Personal development programme on topics including leadership skills, communication skills, ethics, intercultural management and networking
  • Auditing sector fair
  • Information resources and online tools
  • Access to 100+ career events on various topics

Audencia also has a business incubator that supports select graduates in their entrepreneurial work.

Join more than 24,000 Audencia alumni across the globe. Audencia Alumni includes 22+ professional and cultural clubs in France and 29+ international chapters. Furthermore, over 2,000 of our alumni have become CEOs.

The alumni association will help you connect with other professionals and provide additional development and networking opportunities to support your career.

work in Marketing & Communications
are Entrepreneurs or Executive Managers
work in Sales
work in Consulting & Auditing

Admissions & finance

Apply now
Join us in Nantes to internationalise your future career! Here is a breakdown of everything you’ll need to make it smoothly through the application process.


  • 4-year bachelor’s degree in any field* or exceptionally a 3-year degree with experience or honours.
  • Proficiency in English


  • Successful completion and validation of 60 ECTS Pre-MSc programme

Pre-MSc + MSc:

  • 3-year bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Proficiency in English

*Applicants with a 4-year degree wishing to spend more time consolidating fundamentals in management  may opt to do the Pre-MSc before joining the MSc programme. 

Note that you can apply during the last year of your bachelor’s studies.

Admissions are based on a point system tied to a set of objective criteria.

GPA conversion (55%)

  • Converted to US system of 0-4.0

English proficiency (40%)

  • Test (up to 40% possible, depending on score)
    TOEFL: 60-120
    TOEIC: 600-990
    IELTS: 5.0-9.0
    DUOLINGO: 80-160

  • English-taught programme for bachelor’s degree (up to 20% possible)
  • Native speaker (40% automatically awarded)

Professional experience in months (5%)

  • 1-12 months (1%)
  • 13-36 months (3%)
  • 37+ months (5%)

We award bonus points for ranked and accredited schools, diversity and high GMAT or GRE scores.

Recognised school (5%)

  • Ranked (ARWU/QS/THE)
  • Accredited (AACSB/EQUIS/AMBA/ABET)

Diversity (5%)

  • Countries not represented in the class in the past two years (contact us to check your eligibility)

French (5%)

  • For B2 language levels

GMAT or GRE (5%)

  • GMAT: 500+
  • GRE: 300+

You may begin your online application any time; you can save it and make changes before submitting. Admissions are open until the programme is full; however, we strongly recommend applying by the early application deadline of 31 January for the September intake.

In addition to the online application you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • CV and cover letter in English
  • Copies of diplomas and academic transcripts
  • English test score (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, DUOLINGO)*
  • Copy of identity document (e.g. passport)
  • Photo (jpeg, 346 x 366)

*English test scores are not required for native speakers or applicants who have completed their undergraduate degrees in English.

Contact us if you have a different English test score or are planning to take a test later in the year.

  1. Submitting your application
    Complete the online application (recommended by 31 January). Upon completion, you’ll pay the €100 application fee using any major credit card. If you cannot use a credit card, you may contact the Office of International Relations for alternatives.

    Your application will be evaluated within seven days. If you qualify, step two will also occur within seven days of your application.

  2. Admission interview
    At a prearranged time, you will have a 15 - 20-minute exchange with an admissions counsellor to assess your level of English and make sure that you are a good fit for the programme.

  3. Admission decision
    Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. You should have a decision immediately following your interview. If your application is borderline and requires further review by the programme director, you will have an admission decision within 18 days of your interview. Please do expect some delay during holidays.

  4. Acceptance
    Congratulations! If admitted, you’re invited to officially join the programme. You’ll sign a contract and pay the first instalment of the tuition fees- €1,500- which is non-refundable. 

Please contact our admissions office with further questions.

MSc International Master in Management


Pre-MSc + MSc International Master in Management


For study abroad and summer terms, additional tuition fees may be applied by partner institutions according to the number of credit hours taken. If additional tuition fees apply, these fees will be paid directly to the partner institutions. Contact us with questions. 

Other costs linked to school fees 

  • Application fee: €100
  • Costs such as visa fees, CVEC, complementary health insurance, transportation, accommodation and meals are to be paid directly by the student. Visit Student Life to learn more.

There are a range of scholarships you may be eligible for. Please contact us with questions.




Early application €1,000 For candidates who submit their application before 31 January
Diversity €4,000 Nationality-based scholarship for underrepresented countries or regions.

*The awarding of scholarships is subject to availability of funds and final decision of the Office of International Relations. The scholarships are awarded in the form of partial tuition fee waivers to students who are admitted but have not yet started the programmes. Scholarships, waivers and awards are not cumulative. If two are awarded to the same student, only the one with the highest amount will be kept unless otherwise stated

In addition to an Audencia scholarship, you may be eligible for funding by other public or private bodies. You will find some examples here