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18 October 2018
When MSCPM students create and study a real case within a large company-insides of the story

On Oct 3rd, we kicked off the MSc in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management (MSCPM) class of Supply Chain Project. Students started a 3-month challenge, working in teams to study a real case from a real company!

This year, the corporate partner for this event is AXYS CONSULTANTS, the French leading consulting firm in information systems and purchasing. AXYS provided us with 4 topics representing 4 strategic challenges, asking MSCPM students to investigate and provide recommendations.

The Supply Chain Project is the applied part of the MSCPM. It is conducted by students during their last semester of study. Working in 8 small groups, students will assess the feasibility and chance of success of a given project submitted by AXYS. All along the project, students are coached by Audencia professors. Best teams will present their results in front of the company!

The four challenges are the following:

  • Propose a methodology for launching and securing a digitalization of purchasing project within a large company, taking care to adopt an open and participative approach.
  • Propose an overview of various maturity models in purchasing, compare them, taking into account the context of purchasing role evolution. Highlight one model which could better suit to AXYS environment, providing a valuable advantage to AXYS in their service portfolio.
  • Given the economic challenges and in a context of emergence of Amazon Business, propose a methodology to address this typology of purchases by ensuring a positive ROI.
  • Following the new French regulation “Loi SAPIN2”, propose a methodology to address current issues and the monitoring of sustainable development policies.

Each of the three phases ends with a deliverable which will validate the transition to the next phase. Deliverable #1 is a synthetic re-formulation of students’ understanding about the project. Deliverable #2 is a report + a public presentation of the results. Deliverable #3 and #4 are the defence in front of the company (only for winning teams).

The Director of the MSCPM, Thomas JOHNSEN and François CONSTANT, Deputy Director of MSCPM wish the teams to work hard and have fun on their projects. We will come back with more info about their professional adventure!

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