Audencia Plastic Forum: Challenges, Innovation and Beyond

12 December 2017
A playful approach to raise awareness around plastic pollution and Corporate Social Responsibility

Audencia Business School proudly held its very first « Plastic Forum» organised on 6th and 7th of December as part of the CSR course taught on the International Master in Management (IMM) programme.

The event aimed to tackle the grand challenge of plastic pollution and students were invited to work on the issue and develop innovative solutions to one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet today.

They took on the role of different stakeholders such as businesses, NGOs, and policy makers to debate the various perspectives, interests and concerns about plastics. Building from this knowledge, students worked in teams to collectively develop strategies and innovative solutions which were feasible, implementable, scalable and impactful to overcome plastic pollution and keep their organisations in business in the face of new global regulation.

Working around the plastic challenge required students to think about the big picture and (in)directly consider the Sustainable Development Goals. The proposed innovations included product innovation, building a social impact through (re)creating a link between different communities and the plastic value chain, rethinking the role of business in society and its potential to educate, changing consumption patterns, and turning consumers into active change agents rather than merely recipients of products and services.

In addition to stimulating discussion and creative thinking to solve the challenges presented in class, the Forum also created awareness of the students’ own plastic use and empowered them to question the options available to the student community to reduce environmental impact.
The momentum of the event could have the potential of generating action among the student community towards a reduced-plastic school environment (Professor Céline LOUCHE and Jennifer GOODMAN)

Check the Audencia Plastic Forum 2017 - First Edition Facebook page for the media reportage, the Photothèque for more photos and Audencia Masters page.

To be continued!

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