Atao Circularis or Forever circular

10 April 2018
Alternative waste management in Audencia

I am Ambroaz Guénec, a French student in the IMM program, and I am the founder of the Atao Circularis project.

This project was born from an idea I had since a while, and when I had the opportunity with an Entrepreneurial Business Plan class taught by Professor Sébastien Ronteau, I decided to undertake this project, and develop it with two friends, Bastien Gauriau and Marco Capriles Gonzalez.

The project is based on recycling, and circular economy. The main idea of the project is to collect valuable trashes from the final consumers, to reinject them into the industrial cycle, faster and better than the usual recycling loop. Our goal is to somehow change habits, and change the perception we have on our trashes, to see them as raw materials.

For now, we focus on metal trashes. In fact, we can recycle cans endlessly. Meaning we have implemented one big trash bin in Audencia, made from recycled material, to collect empty cans of students, and their food cans from lunches. We also have implemented a trash bin in the restaurant “Le Fac’Food”, close to Audencia. In 10 weeks, we have collected 557 cans in Audencia. Once we collect these cans, we crush them and take them to a recycling place here, in Nantes.

We developed the project based on the idea that people are demanding for easy actions towards ecology. So, the project enables everyone to participate, the way it works being very simple: people just have to put their trashes in the right bin!

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