Jiajia Fang - Master in Management Grande Ecole 2016

Travel Retail Manager for Shiseido Group in Dubai, UAE

Jiajia Fang, from China, graduated in 2016 from the Master in Management Grande Ecole program and is now working as a Travel Retail Manager for Shiseido Group in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This job brings together everything she has always been wanting for a fulfilling career. Here, she shares with us her Audencia experience and her new life in the Middle East:

“I chose Audencia because it is one of the top ranked business schools in France. Studying at Audencia carries value in the business world. The three years of Master in Management Grande Ecole program was just perfect to further my knowledge in management/consulting, and to practice and strengthen my professional skills during my different internships. The program also offered the possibility of a semester of studies abroad, which added a lot of fun. The school is located in the lovely city of Nantes, which is very student friendly, dynamic, and close to the seaside and to Paris.

Audencia has an active student association helping international students to integrate. All the activities organized by students associations were a perfect stress reliever from all the schoolwork, and a fantastic way to make new friends. Thanks to this programme, students can experience major life milestones: relocation to a new city, first internship, first exchange semester, first job…etc. We help each other and that is also a good way to build long-term friendships with people from all over the world. Audencia also has a strong alumni presence around the world, which helps to broaden the network and the career perspectives.

This experience allowed me to understand France and the French culture, to speak French fluently, one of the most elegant and useful languages in the world. As it turned out, each internship (during the programme) or each job (after graduation) had a strong link with France.

This experience at Audencia prepared me both professionally and personally for the rest of my life. I learnt to work efficiently and to interact with individuals from all cultural backgrounds. I learnt to be more independent and more flexible in all situations. I must say I miss this student’s experience already!

But I’m delighted because my career dream came true. My current job is the absolute dream job since it combines my two passions: travel and cosmetics. The duty free market remains a booming and fun sector in cosmetics (pre- and hopefully post-Covid): I’m always on the road, flying around the globe, exploring new markets, having interesting business meetings with fascinating people, attending glamorous seminars and trainings. And on top of that, I’m managing some of the world’s most prestigious brands in an exciting market: the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent. I honestly couldn’t think of a better job for me.”