MSc Human Resource Management & People Development


The MSc in Human Resource Management & People Development is an international programme that prepares you to integrate economic, social and ecological dimensions into HR. The field of HR has drastically changed in recent years, with mass resignations and companies struggling to retain employees. The added challenges of globalisation, emergence of AI and pressing environmental issues means that employers are looking for professionals who can re-invent work, and structure and manage change.

In this programme, you will learn via advanced instruction and practical case studies from the personal and professional experience of HR consultants, lawyers, trade unionists and more. You will also conduct simulations, a consulting mission and HR audit with several companies.

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Key Information

Degree Earned: Master of Science

Language: English

Duration: 24 months, full-time

Programme Start: September

Eligibility See Admissions Pathways for full eligibility requirements, programme options and tuition


The MSc in Human Resource Management & People Development courses and projects will allow you to develop skills covering the whole of the HR function value chain, from HR strategy to HRM practices whilst also introducing the use of modern tools and methods. The programme includes: the evaluation of HR policies, employment law, social relations, international HRM, using data and artificial intelligence, HR issues in the workplace (such as well-being, healthcare, equal opportunities or modern positioning).  You will also look at change management and the skills necessary for HR consulting: consultant positions, HR advisory methods and practices. Students will take part in conferences with guest professionals, participate in company visits and expand their HR network.

The MSc proposes experience-based teaching, which will help you to develop your professional skills whilst also studying concepts and theories.

This teaching is based on four main areas:

  • Practical case studies taken from the personal and professional experiences of guest teaching staff: HRM; HR consultants for businesses, recruitment, training; social legislation lawyers; union representatives.
  • Role play: holding recruitment/staff assessment interviews.
  • Managing a HR audit consulting mission involving more than one company.
  • Using company data and artificial intelligence to recruit, predict career developments, etc.


The MSc in Human Resource Management & People Development combines theoretical and practical approaches covering all of the HRM associated aspects.

On completion of the course, you will be able to access wide range of professional careers:

  • HR professional specialised in talent management, recruitment, evaluation systems, career management, training and development, salaries, internal communications, etc.
  • HR Consultant: HR management information systems, talent acquisition, training consultant, organisational consultant, recruitment consultant, HR studies consultant, etc.
  • HR manager specialised in sustainability: CSR practices, business ethics, change management, equal opportunities, etc.
  • International/transcultural HR manager.
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Admissions & Finance

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Master in Managent and MSc programmes: 

  • Proficiency in English
  • 3-year degree in any field


See Admissions Pathways for full eligibility requirements.

You may begin your online application at any time; you can save it and make changes before submitting. Admissions are open until the programme is full; however, we strongly recommend applying by the early application deadline of 31 January for the September intake.


See Admissions Pathways for a full list of required documents, and detailed admissions process.

2-year MSc programme (all specialisations) 

  • €25,000

2-year Master in Management programme (including MSc specialisation)

  • €33,000


Study abroad option*

For study abroad and summer terms, additional tuition fees may be applied by partner institutions according to the number of credit hours taken. If additional tuition fees apply, these fees will be paid directly to the partner institutions.

*Available to Master in Management students only.

There are a range Audencia scholarships you may be eligible for, as well as an extensive number of external scholarships. 


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