InterCultural Festival (ICF) 3: A flag event of Audencia

20 December 2018

This year again, on November 27, ICF strikes again, welcoming more than 300 participants, students, teachers, staff during what is now established as to be the main intercultural and international event for all.

Under a new banner "embracing differences, celebrating diversity", the event reunited under one roof performances like singing, dancing, gaming, competitions from all over the world. More than 15 countries were proud to share with participants a “taste” of their national dishes.

Before the event, a quiz game was lunched via #ICFAudencia, to start building and entertaining the “appétit” for the incoming Intercultural event. Every week with a different question about an event, tradition from a certain country. The winner of the quiz game was announced, cheered and awarded a prize on Dday.  The organizers, representatives of international programs, IMM, MSCPM etc. and ICTeam association, facilitated and created the event as a synergy of showcase diversity performances of Audencia’s valued human side.

Martha ABAD GREBERT, professor and Head of major in «Cultural institutions and multimedia industry management » @Audencia and participant at the Intercultural Festival (ICF):

I am participating at the Intercultural festival since its early beginnings. First year I attended as guest and enjoyed the food, dances and costumes from other countries and it really gave me the desire of also sharing things about my country, Mexico.

This year I brought the traditional costume of “Charro” and I sang a song called “Mi ciudad” (transl. my city). The costume has its origins in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Nowadays it is recognized as to be The Traditional Mexican costume.  The skirt (or the pants for the man) will have decorations on both sides and also on the jacket, in silver or gold, if it is a costume for a wending or a special event. Mine are only metallic but they are nice anyway. I bought the costume especially for the festival but also to have a showcase during my class in Cross Cultures Management.

The song is about my birthplace, and it talks about the traditions and the passion of living in the city of Mexico. And some of the words used in the song come from the “Náhuatl” language (Aztecs language) like “Chinampa”, or “cenzontle” for example.

The Intercultural Festival for me is a way to have fun and feel good by sharing with others about who I am, my origins and my personality. The festival reunites more and more participants each year, treasuring the diversity of cultures and profiles of students, teachers and staff at Audencia.

For the future, I am sure we will have at least the same amount of positive shared energy that will be spread throughout the event and that will remain with us, in our mind and in our heart.

If you want to see Martha’s “charro” costume and more other pictures, click here: and pictures from photo booth here:

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