Creation of the Commission CVEC Audencia

28 January 2020

At the end of 2019, Audencia brought together students from different programs and the persons concerned in relation with student life to create the “Commission CVEC Audencia”. This was in response to the creation of the “Contribution for the student life and campus” (CVEC) in 2018 by the Minister of Education to accompany the social life, health, cultural and sports aspects of students.

The mission of the “Commission CVEC Audencia" is to distribute CVEC funds into projects run by and for students, by student associations or other structures within Audencia, in order to improve the experience of student life at Audencia.

The role of the CVEC Commission within the School is to propose, facilitate and inform students and personnel of any update or changes related to government youth policies.

Through this action, Audencia positions itself as a school engaged in social responsibility, encouraging and promoting actions meant to improve the student experience and its ecosystem.  

Some of the projects taking place this year include: “Walkencia, the app for never going back alone home” , the “Fashion week  @Audencia”, “About us” – movie, “Au’dance”, Discovering Nantes”, “Forum increasing awareness in the student population on different topics”.

The CVEC Commission is not only a structure that aims to centralise and to promote student projects financed via the CVEC funds, but also to create a “bridge” between students of different programs and nationalities in Audencia, so that they become co-creators of a human size school”.

President of the CVEC Commission, Nicolas ARNAUD, PhD, HDR, Director of Programs Audencia, Director of Grande Ecole


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