"What goes around comes around" green fashion industry

15 June 2017
Cirkl: a hands-on experience in an e-business website class project

#International #IMMProgramme #CSR #GreenFashion

For the "E-commerce" class run by Dr. Jeffrey-Edmund Curry, IMM students were required to construct a viable e-business platform and experiment the UI / UX environment.

Clara, Mathias and Axel worked as a team to create CIRKL, a website founded on a “sustainable fashion” business idea.

A beautiful and elegant idea about awareness on how to limit wastage in the fashion industry by giving a second life to textiles and developing a mindful purchasing consumer habit.

Who knows, maybe one day “Cirkl” can go from a simple classroom assignment to become a successful startup story!? For now, it is an excellent thesis topic for Clara and for sure a powerful acquired skill for all of them when having to argue in a “why you should hire me” interview.

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